Getting Personal

Trip to Tucson

The instructors, Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson, told us in the Hay House workshop (ref my December 5, 2017 post) we need to get personal, to let people get to know us. I am convinced I heard the collective, internal groans from the writers in the room at this remark. We can be a private lot.

I get the idea of learning about people. I like to read about my favorite writers. Does knowing a little bit about them or the region they live in help inform her or his writing? [Shrug] Beats me.

Here’s me being personal. This weekend I am in Tucson, Arizona with hubby to hang out with my sister following her surgery. It’s been an emotionally rough last few days because it was a scary surgery. She’s a trooper and we got her home this afternoon.

Last night, Super Spouse took me to a two-story Barnes & Noble for a night cap in the cafe (him, hot chocolate and me, iced Tazo Passion tea) because he figured it would help me feel better. He was right. I love being surrounded by books. And I like that Passion tea. ?

Future Location of My Novel

Right now I’m in my pj’s in the hotel waiting for delivery of hubby’s favorite meal, pizza, and watching the SAG awards. He loves all the awards shows and I kind of like them too. We’ll be back home by tomorrow. I’m going to take a long nap.

Enough about me. (Pizza’s here.) Like we say around these parts, hasta entonces (until then).

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  1. Carmen Fox
    Carmen Fox says:

    The Internet affords you some anonymity even when getting personal, but I, too, rarely break out of my shell. Yet I love finding out about others, so thank you for sharing. Most of all, please wish your sister a speedy and full recovery.

  2. Roberta martin
    Roberta martin says:

    Can hardly wait to read your book… Barnes & Noble … my favorite place to be… mine would be a peppermint mocha.. yummy…

  3. Cathy Lady
    Cathy Lady says:

    Tanya, I guess I will miss you this trip. I got to Tucson Saturday. Your sister remains in my prayers as does the effort you are making to be published. Can’t wait until we have that book signing at Wisdom Through the Pages!

  4. Randy Jiner
    Randy Jiner says:

    I think it’s good repersonalize the world a little if we can. After all, written words are as powerful as any form of communication, and in some ways more so. It’s okay to connect with the authors of our imagination.

  5. Jane Ray
    Jane Ray says:

    Tanya, I’m so glad “Sissy” did well and I pray for continued healing with her! I know Hay House is looking at your seriously and the wonderful book you wrote!
    Love, Jane

  6. MB
    MB says:

    Hello My Friend, I agree with you. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your personal life. I’m praying for a healthy and speedy recovery for your sister. For you, great success in your writing career. Love ya, MB

  7. Kathryn Clodfelter
    Kathryn Clodfelter says:

    So looking forward to reading your book, and hope you are working on the next. I’m a fast reader. Keep them coming!

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