Like everything and everyone else in the story, we see Maria Elena through the eyes of Luther or Georgie.

From Georgie’s perspective, Maria Elena is Josefina’s mom and a most excellent cook. She is keeper of the greenhouse and plant life at Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel, and works with Luther and their other coworker, Carl Nelson.

Later, Georgie learns that Maria Elena is a teacher and lover of plants, including their spirits. Her interest in the natural world is inherited, passed down through the generations, including from her great-grandmother, Florencia. One of Maria Elena’s favorite gardens is in Findhorn, Scotland.

What else is Maria Elena to Luther? Georgie speculates there is more, while Josefina sticks to her story that Luther and her mom have always been best friends. Georgie resolves to keep an eye on things, just in case.

Meanwhile, through Luther we see Maria Elena as a long time friend, helpmate, and teacher in her own right. We also come to understand his deep respect for her abilities, including wisdom, intelligence and intuition, and her beauty.


Author’s note: Check out Maria Elena’s namesake, the song Maria Elena (Spanish words and music by Lorenzo Barcelata, English lyrics by Bob Russell) and its beautiful instrumental version by Los Indios Tabajaras.

Lyrics in both English and Spanish can be found at


New fiction author, Tanya D. Dawson, has written a story for the young adult in all of us. Her pending novel, Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel [working title], brightens the sometimes dark world of YA and delivers the angst and the weird in this inspiring becoming-who-you-are adventure of mystery, intrigue, and mysticism grounded in today’s world. While Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel is primarily set on the West Coast, Tanya lives and works in the American Southwest.