Coming 2021

Book 2:

A Meta-Normal Novel

is being written even as you read this – like right now!

Book 2 picks up from Andersen Light on the following Monday, a new month and a whole lot more!

You’ll see all the familiar names, get to know them even better, and meet some new characters along the way.

Here are a few sneak peek questions: Is Mystic Creek High School really planning another dance after what happened at homecoming? What winter holidays hijinks are Luther and Maria Elena planning for the Andersen Lighthouse estate? On whose team is James Gray playing? How does Shawn surprise Georgie and Josefina? What’s up between Nany and Penny? Will Georgie meet Arthur IRL?

Fresnel Lens


“I enjoyed very much reading your book. I want to read it again. It was action packed and kept me intrigued with what would happen next. I hope you can continue to write about more of Georgie’s adventures.” – Susan F. Mitchell, defense and intelligence contractor executive, retired; former executive board member, National Classification Management Society; spoiler of grandchildren