I still drag my feet into autumn like a school kid who doesn’t want summer to end and school to start. I usually get with the program and feel acceptance at my first sighting of a tree displaying autumn colors, a favorite of the fall season.

A good friend of mine finds sadness in the turning leaves. “They’re dying,” he said. Change―it’s not always easy. Perhaps next year we will both accept seasonal change in real time.

I witnessed autumn beauty in Missouri a few weeks ago. Trees had just begun to display their colors in yellows, oranges, and reds next to the greens still waiting their turn. I took the maple tree photos included in this post. “Wait! Pull over!” I told my husband, “I’ve got to take a picture!”

Missouri Maple Tree

Super spouse also pulled over to bookstores on our trip. Thanks to Barnes & Noble stores in Amarillo, Texas and Springfield, Columbia and Blue Springs, Missouri, as well as indie bookstore Downtown Book & Toy in Jefferson City for carrying Andersen Light: A Meta-Normal Novel in your store! (Contact me to find out how you can ensure Andersen Light is in your local bookstore or library.)

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I continue to write Book 2 and simultaneously post on social media to help Andersen Light: A Meta-Normal Novel into readers’ hands. It worth it. I believe readers are looking for bright YA, to enter the world of Andersen Light and Mystic Creek, to empower themselves with different perspectives for their own lives, and to find their tribe.

Thank you, current and new readers. Thank you for reading, writing reviews and sharing Andersen Light with your friends and family. You’re the best!

Beautiful Leaves, Beautiful Maple Tree

Here’s to autumn colors, scents, and fun festivals with friends and family! Happy Autumn (in the northern hemisphere)!

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