Courtesy Alan Boyers, Lighthouse Keeper, Old Head Lighthouse, Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

Here in the darkest time of the year, when the nights are long and the tasks many, may the light within you shine.

If, like some, this time of year is troubling for you, may the light of others spill over to illuminate your path with inspiration, encouragement, and clarity. May theirs rekindle the spark within you until you feel the wonder of shared light, not gone for a season or even a day, but patient and ever present, waiting.

May the warm, glowing light of a smile or touch, text or call, or a passage read ignite within you the magic of expectation and the gift of passion so that your own beautiful light burns bright, lighting your way, and spilling over to brighten the paths of others.

Lightworkers, light bearers, and brave, compassionate smilers, may your light blaze far and wide for all to see, navigate, and find their way! Shine on!

My wish for you this season. . . is light.

Author of Andersen Light: A Meta-Normal Novel

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