Mary Ryan Jones

Andersen Light’s Georgie Jones' relationship with her mother, Mary Ryan Jones, isn’t complicated. It’s understandable. After all, people are multifaceted, and their relationship continually reshapes with life situations. Georgie’s…
Tanya D Dawson
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Close Connections

What close connections pull fictional characters Georgie Jones and Luther Andersen together, aside from the little matter of a prophecy? Grandma and Grandpa Jones Luther is a lighthouse keeper, professor, and Georgie’s eventual mentor. He's…
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Maria Elena

Like everything and everyone else in the story, we see Maria Elena through the eyes of Luther or Georgie. From Georgie’s perspective, Maria Elena is Josefina’s mom and a most excellent cook. She is keeper of the greenhouse and plant…
Georgie, Josefina and Shaw
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Georgie, Josefina & Shawn - BFFs

Georgie Jones meets her new BFFs Josefina and Shawn on the school bus. It is her first day as a freshman at Mystic Creek High School. Josefina somehow knows who Georgie is, and offers to show her around school. The two girls and Shawn end up…
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Manuscript and Book Proposal Pit Crew

The manuscript and book proposal are completed, thanks to the last minute push by the pit crew. Both manuscript and proposal are on their way in the next step of their journey. Yay! Finally! Can you believe it? Feeding you pizza hardly seems…
Young Adult Fiction Author Tanya D Dawson on her way to the Scottsdale Weekend Workshop
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Hay House Brings It

  The Scottsdale weekend workshop is over. I gotta say Hay House brings it when they put on a course. One of, or maybe the best part is meeting the many intuitive, talented and enthusiastic writers, artists, and entrepreneurs up close…
BFF Who's a Boy

BFF Who's a Boy

Shawn Green is Georgie and Josefina’s best-friend-who’s-a-boy and a true cyber geek. He lives with his dad, Derrick, brother Earl, and Aunt Darlene. We often find Shawn hunched over the phone his dad uses to communicate with him when he…


  Smart and pretty with a long, dark braid, Josefina Garcia befriends Georgie her first day at the new high school. Fast friends, Josefina offers to show Georgie around school, and later, Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel. New…