Andersen Light’s Georgie Jones’ relationship with her mother, Mary Ryan Jones, isn’t complicated. It’s understandable. After all, people are multifaceted, and their relationship continually reshapes with life situations. Georgie’s role as daughter morphs from cheerful, happy kid to protector, from unease to angst, and from wary to admiration.

Daughter of wholesome country folk, Mary Ryan Jones made a name for herself as a commercial artist by using an array of computer graphics and old-school art techniques.

Mary’s marriage to William Jones ended amicably after the two drifted apart while pursuing individual career interests. Baffled yet respectful of one another, the couple moved to different geographic areas.

William returned to his hometown of Mystic Creek, re-established himself as a professor of music at the local college, and performs in the region. Mary took a new job and moved to a town called Starkton with Georgie, Bill, and Rose. William, aka Will, stayed in cell phone communication, and Georgie and the “sibling-units” visited him in Mystic Creek.

According to Georgie, the five individual family members were parts of a puzzle. Though disjointed, the family still worked, with her dad “a satellite to the whole.” Until Jack.

Georgie assumed the role of protector with the unwelcome addition of Jack and his “gray, gritty unpleasantness.” Once married to Mary, Jack’s mental and moral deterioration escalated into “his lecherous true self.” Threats to her mom’s person kept Georgie on high alert, and quiet despite his ongoing innuendos and looming promises.

Later, Georgie lives with her dad in Mystic Creek and loves her new life. But angst and worry consume her when Mary mentions Georgie can move back with her, Bill, and Rose. Georgie has a secret about herself she must keep from her mom, and the relationship grows uneasy.

Mary and Will accepted Luther Andersen’s invitation to visit Andersen Light and the parents get along very well. Georgie sees her mom in a new light—a beautiful woman.

Mary Ryan Jones has had a rough few years—divorce and move, then divorce and move. How will she handle Georgie’s secret?

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