Character origins
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Character Origins – More Revealed

Greenhouse Memory I’ve learned more origin info about my characters since my last post. My mom and paternal aunt independently corroborated history of the greenhouse I remember as a child. It actually belonged to my grandmother’s sister-in-law,…
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Maria Elena

Like everything and everyone else in the story, we see Maria Elena through the eyes of Luther or Georgie. From Georgie’s perspective, Maria Elena is Josefina’s mom and a most excellent cook. She is keeper of the greenhouse and plant…
Georgie, Josefina and Shaw
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Georgie, Josefina & Shawn - BFFs

Georgie Jones meets her new BFFs Josefina and Shawn on the school bus. It is her first day as a freshman at Mystic Creek High School. Josefina somehow knows who Georgie is, and offers to show her around school. The two girls and Shawn end up…
Meet Georgie's Peeps: A Peek into a New Novel
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Meet Georgie's Peeps: A Peek into a New Novel

Meet Georgie Jones's peeps, the Ryan and Jones families. Mary, a commercial artist, is mom to Georgie and her sibling units, Bill and Rose. Mom’s parents, Grandpa and Grandma Ryan, have a farm in the country, complete with a goat, where…