Character origins

Greenhouse Memory

I’ve learned more origin info about my characters since my last post. My mom and paternal aunt independently corroborated history of the greenhouse I remember as a child. It actually belonged to my grandmother’s sister-in-law, Georgie, and her husband, Al. Yes, Georgie—the very same Great-aunt Georgie whose name I gave my character!

Luther, whose name I gave my other primary character, was in fact a help-mate and friend of my grandparents. He and his wife lived next door to my newly married parents. She was especially kind to my young mother.

Great-aunt Georgie

Aunt Georgie was an earth angel to me, and others. As nurse and relative, she was there when I was born. (She was also my aunt’s role model. See her post comment.) Georgie wiped my tears after teen breakups and taught me my first yoga moves. We talked about astrology and horoscopes when the coast was clear (and no one else could hear). Aunt Georgie may have given me my character’s name, but she gave me so much more. I have felt her presence steadily throughout my adult life.

Now you know.

The names Luther and Georgie came from real people. Maria Elena’s name came from the beautiful song by that name, a favorite of my mother’s.

Here’s to unearthing your own fond memories!


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