Mary Ryan Jones

Andersen Light’s Georgie Jones' relationship with her mother, Mary Ryan Jones, isn’t complicated. It’s understandable. After all, people are multifaceted, and their relationship continually reshapes with life situations. Georgie’s…
Getting Personal
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Getting Personal

The instructors, Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson, told us in the Hay House workshop (ref my December 5, 2017 post) we need to get personal, to let people get to know us. I am convinced I heard the collective, internal groans from the writers…
Young Adult Fiction Author Tanya D Dawson on her way to the Scottsdale Weekend Workshop
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Hay House Brings It

  The Scottsdale weekend workshop is over. I gotta say Hay House brings it when they put on a course. One of, or maybe the best part is meeting the many intuitive, talented and enthusiastic writers, artists, and entrepreneurs up close…