Perfect Days

Yesterday I woke up to a colorful sunrise sky, beautiful and breathtaking. (Check out the short video.) What a perfect day to officially launch Andersen Light’s audio book. I spun up into action before the first cup of tea and pretty much stayed that way into the evening.

Meta-Normal Audio

After nearly two years, the dream of the audiobook is a reality. My friends and family—who commute, are walker-listeners, have vision or other reading impairments, and/or are otherwise self-proclaimed rabid audiobook lovers—can finally hear Andersen Light: A Meta-Normal Novel. At last!

And while dear Virginia Brilliant left us at 103 years of life before the audio was ready, I feel confident she hears it with better clarity and dimension than any of us could. May Andersen Light reach all the meta-normal readers and listeners in the world waiting for the light.

Today I woke up to an eerie fog, beautiful in its own right, obscuring the mountains and all but the closest creosotes and mesquite trees. What a perfect day for the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter. While this calendar year nears its end, I find myself in a swirl of new beginnings with the launch of the Andersen Light: A Meta-Normal Novel audiobook as I write my second in the series, tentatively entitled Andersen Light and Winter Soulstice: A Meta-Normal Novel. And with that, I rub my hands together. I’ve got writing to do!

Season’s greetings this Winter Solstice, happy holidays, and as my friend Helen would say, Happy Hogmanay!


Welcome to Andersen Lighthouse and Mystic Creek (fictional Oregon town) on behalf of myself and the entire cast of characters. Thank you, new and current meta-normal readers and listeners, for reading, listening, writing reviews, and sharing Andersen Light: A Meta-Normal Novel with your friends and family.

Let’s Connect! You’ll get exclusive content, plus hints and reveals about Book 2.

Learn more: See Lighthouse History, Preservation, and the other note pages at the end of the book.