Georgie and Josefina ask, "What Would Luther Say?"

When baffled by a new subject or problem, Georgie and Josefina respond with, “Let’s ask Luther,” or “What would Luther say?” Whether unexpected or truth the girls hadn’t yet faced, Luther’s guidance and instruction are kind, wise and likely seeded with humor.

Like the time something happened before P.E. class and Georgie reacted—really, really reacted. At least that’s how it seemed to her.

Luther had said, “You are experiencing a perfectly normal reaction,” and handed her cold lemon water. “Who would not be shocked?”

“Exactly.” She uncurled an arm out of the tight ball she had wound herself into and accepted the glass.

He pretended not to see her dab at the corner of one eye with the back of her wrist as he took the facing chair. He patted her shoulder as he passed. “But you’re not normal, Georgie.”

“Excuse me?”

Meanwhile, the more the girls learn from Luther the more they want to know. Their minds are always whirring like spinning tops and sometimes hit a wall before they can figure out a thing on their own. This author suspects Josefina keeps a running list of questions in her phone.

New fiction author, Tanya D. Dawson, has written a story for the young adult in all of us. Her pending novel, Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel, brightens the sometimes dark world of YA to deliver the angst and the weird in this inspiring adventure of mystery, intrigue, and mysticism grounded in today’s world. While Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel is primarily set on the West Coast, Tanya lives and works in the American Southwest.