I recently read a young adult novel called Faith: Taking Flight by Julie Murphy. I found it in a book review (where, I wish I could remember so that I could credit and thank the reviewer). I like Murphy’s character Faith Hubert, a plus-sized superhero, and was very pleased to learn this book is the first of two. If you follow me on Facebook then you know I liked Faith: Taking Flight enough to post about it twice.

Faith is a teenager who loves her grandmother (with whom she also lives), is a good friend, cares about school and the animals at the shelter where she volunteers after school, and she’s also a very good sleuth. P.S., she has more than one secret identity.

Faith: Taking Flight is based on Valient Entertainment comics with Superhero Faith Hubert a.k.a., Zephyr, which I now plan to read devour also.

When I first started reading Faith: Taking Flight, I didn’t know Julie Murphy was the author of Dumplin’, also a Netflix feature film starring Jennifer Aniston, Danielle Macdonald, and Dove Cameron, as well as a soundtrack from Dolly Parton― which I both watched and loved. Bonus!

I am not getting paid to endorse this book, my first “Recommended Read” from this blog. I just like it. Enjoy!


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