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Search Is On!

The Search Is On! The search is on for the right agent and publisher to bring young Georgie Jones, her mentor Luther Andersen, and their friends and family to the world! On behalf of Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel (as in lighthouse), I am shining my light through query letters and submissions to connect […]

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Character Origins – More Revealed

Greenhouse Memory I’ve learned more origin info about my characters since my last post. My mom and paternal aunt independently corroborated history of the greenhouse I remember as a child. It actually belonged to my grandmother’s sister-in-law, Georgie, and her husband, Al. Yes, Georgie—the very same Great-aunt Georgie whose name I gave my character! Luther, […]

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Pizza Power

Pizza Power Have you contemplated the power of pizza? I’m not talking about the robust declarations of definitive bests: Crust―thick, thin, deep dish, white, sourdough, whole grain…. Shape―round, square, avant garde…. Sauces―tomato sauce, pesto, oil…. Cheeses and toppings―don’t get me started! Who’s got the best―Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Naples, Sidney, Mumbai….? Fingers or fork? […]

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Maria Elena

Like everything and everyone else in the story, we see Maria Elena through the eyes of Luther or Georgie. From Georgie’s perspective, Maria Elena is Josefina’s mom and a most excellent cook. She is keeper of the greenhouse and plant life at Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel, and works with Luther and their other […]