Mary Ryan Jones

Andersen Light’s Georgie Jones' relationship with her mother, Mary Ryan Jones, isn’t complicated. It’s understandable. After all, people are multifaceted, and their relationship continually reshapes with life situations. Georgie’s…
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Carriage House – Both Workshop and Garage

Back in the day, people rode in carriages instead of automobiles and parked them in carriage houses. The original carriage house on the novel’s fictional Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel estate was quite large. Luther Andersen eventually…
Meet Georgie's Peeps: A Peek into a New Novel
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Meet Georgie's Peeps: A Peek into a New Novel

Meet Georgie Jones's peeps, the Ryan and Jones families. Mary, a commercial artist, is mom to Georgie and her sibling units, Bill and Rose. Mom’s parents, Grandpa and Grandma Ryan, have a farm in the country, complete with a goat, where…
BFF Who's a Boy

BFF Who's a Boy

Shawn Green is Georgie and Josefina’s best-friend-who’s-a-boy and a true cyber geek. He lives with his dad, Derrick, brother Earl, and Aunt Darlene. We often find Shawn hunched over the phone his dad uses to communicate with him when he…