Sixteen-year-old Katie-dog was greeted at the edge of Rainbow Bridge by Shadow, my sister Paula, and Dad. Think what you will, I know it’s true. They told me they would come when the time came. It happened a week before Christmas. I know it is February now, but I haven’t wanted to write about it.

We, Dog Daddy and I, hadn’t even heard of a Shiba Inu until Katie, when we learned she was half one of those plus half Beagle. We, which in the beginning included our beloved Shadow, were (at least) her third family, which also included her extended family of grandparents in California and all the aunties here in Las Cruces who fur-babysat and loved her. I won’t go into the colorful early adolescent and young adult stages Katie-dog took us through since we all survived.

Katie-dog Shakes Her Tail Video

Katie-dog in Bed
Katie-dog in Her Giant Bed

Though somewhat more sedate, Katie-dog’s later years remained full-on Velcro. As an office mate, she was always nearby, often sleeping on the job lulling me with her rhythmic snores. Seriously, they were so lovely, like lake waves lapping on the shoreline. They were much better than her occasional farts, which weren’t loud, but plenty potent for a twenty-five pounder.

Sometimes I hear and feel the echoes of Katie-dog’s presence. While we are likely to find her short blonde hair for years to come, we miss her physical presence every day and will hold her more etheric essence in our hearts and minds always.

Thank you, Katie, for everything. You’re such a good girl! We love you, girl.

Katie-dog Gets a Bath from Dog Daddy Video

Let’s Go for a Walk Already Video

Katie-dog Takes Us for a Walk Video

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