Mary Ryan Jones

Andersen Light’s Georgie Jones' relationship with her mother, Mary Ryan Jones, isn’t complicated. It’s understandable. After all, people are multifaceted, and their relationship continually reshapes with life situations. Georgie’s…
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Manuscript and Book Proposal Pit Crew

The manuscript and book proposal are completed, thanks to the last minute push by the pit crew. Both manuscript and proposal are on their way in the next step of their journey. Yay! Finally! Can you believe it? Feeding you pizza hardly seems…
New School

New School

Georgie’s new school is foreign. Obviously, it’s high school, so that’s new. She could get used to the crimson and gray, but what school makes their primary sport dodgeball? Maybe she is the foreigner in this town, born here but still…

Georgie Jones

Teen Georgie Jones has recently moved to live with her Dad after her life as she describes it, “tipped over and exploded”. The tipping over has left its mark, but hasn’t shattered her confidence—though she might admit to going over recent…